Meet Mike.

Mike started his journey in energy production back in 1988 when he served in the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program. It is there where he learned the absolute importance of paying attention to every detail of power production. After working in the technology industry for years, he spent over a decade as a trusted mortgage advisor. His goal was to help renters turn the same money they spend on rent, into safe and secure fixed rate mortgage payments. That means they can enjoy ownership appreciation and fixed payments that reduce principal on their home. This unique background in energy, and helping families with the advantages of owning versus renting is the perfect qualification for helping homeowners like you. Mike will show you how you can own your home AND the energy that powers it with the same money you are currently sending to your utility company. Making payments to your utility is a lot like paying rent. It never stops, always goes up in price, and in the end you have zero return on investment. Making principal and interest payments for that same amount of energy production with that same amount of money (often times less) is just plain smart.

"You OWN your home, why RENT your power? Let's meet and make some goals together on the right plan for you! It is my goal to make our customized solutions the only logical conclusion for you moving forward. I want to hit a "grand slam" and earn your business as well as your referrals!" ~ Mike Layser

Here's how it works.

Start Here

Click this red button and fill out an energy assessment form with some basic information to get your free Smart Report consultation started.

Once we receive your initial assessment info that you have submitted, you will receive a friendly phone call from Mike at 480-326-7526 to schedule a personal review of your smart report. Keep your utility bill handy as we will have additional questions that will help us serve you better.

We custom design PEARL CERTIFIED energy improvement projects and PEARL CERTIFIED solar production projects that are optimized for your needs, engineered to add value to your home, and pay you back along the way.

You relax and enjoy. We do all the designing, engineering, installing and scheduling for local permitting and scheduling for utility inspection. We will never sub-contract out a single portion of your project. That's smart!

Why Switch to Solar for your power?

Energy independence can save you thousands of dollars on electricity bills over lifespan of your solar power system, and offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to power your home. The best part is...
you own it! ... and it can add documented value to your home when done right!

How Much Does it Cost?

That totally depends on the size and architecture of your home, and more importantly the amount of energy you use now and how much energy we can efficiently offset with solar. The goal is to use the same money you are no longer sending to your utility, (often times less) and direct that same money to your project with smart, low fixed rate, low APR financing! Every project is customized.

What Else is Required?

Our Smart Report consultation includes a complete review of the benefits of energy improvements and production, costs, and costs savings all wrapped into one Pearl Certified project with a 30 year bumper to bumper warranty, and premium low interest rate lenders that will fund the entire project with no out of pocket costs.

We were looking for a way to save money on our bills and do our part for the environment. From assessing our property and educating us on different options available, to providing an accurate smart report and fast turnaround time, Mike and his team did a tremendous job. We wish we had installed them years earlier!


Mesa, AZ

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